Jirachi's Park is a Legendary Area in Pokemon Eclipse.

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Wild Pokemon Edit

Pokemon Rarity
Caterpie Common
Pikipek Common
Weedle Common
Yungoos Common
Silcoon Common
Bidoof Common
Patrat Common
Bunnelby Common
Scatterbug Common
Fletchling Common
Floette Pretty Common
Abra Pretty Common
Poliwag Pretty Common
Helioptile Pretty Common
Drowzee Pretty Common
Doduo Pretty Common
Mantyke Uncommon
Rowlet Uncommon
Yanma Uncommon
CrystalCarbink Uncommon
Chespin Uncommon
ShinySnivy Rare
Skarmory Rare
Absol Rare
Cresselia Impossible
GoldenCosmog Impossible
RubyXD001 Impossible
Cosmog Special
SapphireCosmog Special
Jirachi Special
SilverHyperShaymin Special

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