Legendary Areas are specific places that player can check out. Obviously like mining, you have to continuously click the "Search" button several times until the system says that you've done enough clicking. Sometimes, the button will move to another spot. Even though the system will say that you've done enough clicking, you're still allowed to continue clicking the "Search" button after the recommended times.

Legendary Areas Edit

Jirachi's Park

Entei's Tower

Kyogre's Temple

Groudon's Palace

Mesprit's Lake

Mewtwo's Cavern

Manaphy's Haven

Eternal Garden

Heatran's Mountain

Spear Pillar

Regigigas' Domain

Deep Mewtwo's Cave

Moon Gaze Mountain

Icebound Cave

Sky Pillar

Mirage Ruins

Trivia Edit

  • There used to be a legendary area known as "Suicune's Oasis".
    • However, it can no longer be accessed.
  • The user is able to buy more legendary areas from the Moon Shop.